Port of Takoradi port / Ghana, Africa

Port of Takoradi port photo map in Ghana, Africa
Port contacts
Location: Ghana, Africa
Currency: GHS
Phone: +233 31 32254
Email: mscdtkdi@ghanaports.gov
Fax: +233 31 22814
Website: http://www.ghanaports.gov.gh/
Location: 4.88333333333, -1.73333333333
Port details
Water location: Gulf of Guinea (Gulf)
Anchorage depth: 7.1m - 9.1m
Cargo pier depth: 6.4m - 7.6m
Oil terminal depth: 7.1m - 9.1m
Dry dock: Small
Harbor size: Medium
Railway size: Large
Harbor type: Coastal Breakwater
Max size: Up to 500 feet in length
Repairs: Limited
Shelter: Good

Port location