Cpyright issues

General copyright issues

According to our terms and conditions we are not responsible for any user posted content as texts, photos, logotypes and videos.

Our website has user posted content, that means that copyright of the content (such as vessels, jobs, photos and videos) could belong to third party company or individual.


Marinelike.com pay a lot of attention to copyright. However Marinelike.com cannot be responsible for every single photo, vacancy or data posted on our website. If you found photo or any other type of data violating third party copyright, please let us know about it. We process copyright claims in three business days and in case if it vialates third party copyright we will remove the object of copyright shortly.

If you see that content belong to third party please let us kindly know about this sending link to our email info[at]marinelike.com.

Data sources

We use differrent data sources including websites MarineTraffic.com, Google.com, maps.google.com, shipspotting.com and other, so accuracy of data and copyright of the data depends on those respectful websites and companies.

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